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PepperellyPepperelly® is a unique new delicacy created by local friends Maryann and Tom Chiavetta of Jam by Maryann, LLC. The Cornerstone is proud to offer this quality product on our lunch menu with our brand new Pepperelly® Panini as well as Pepperelly® by the jar ($7.50 each) at the coffeehouse.

Maryann has southern roots and one mainstay in her pantry was pepper jelly, which when paired with cream cheese becomes an elegant appetizer. After it became more and more difficult to find pepper jelly in this area that was fresh and natural, Maryann decided to make it herself (she is known as the “Make it Possible Queen”) and Pepperelly® was born.

Pepperelly® is made from the freshest locally-grown green and red bell peppers in season and all ingredients and packaging materials are purchased locally. It is always made in small batches in Maryann’s home kitchen and she offers two standard products in her line: Savory Garden Pepperelly and Sassy Garden Pepperelly.

Pepperelly Display

“Savory” is sweet with just a hint of warmth from a tiny amount of crushed red pepper, while “Sassy” is bursting with the same amount of green and red bell peppers with the addition of fresh jalapeno peppers – just enough to add some sass without sacrificing flavor. For the holidays (and when cranberries are in season), they make Cranberry Orange Pepperelly. It has the same sweet and warm flavor of Savory Pepperelly with the added tartness and beautiful color of fresh cranberries and orange zest.

Want to wake up a sandwich, an omelet or roasted vegetables? Add some Pepperelly®! Want to turn grilled salmon, London broil, or pork tenderloin into something extra special? Add some Pepperelly®! It adds fresh flavor to an endless array of dishes.

“It’s not a relish or a jelly…it’s a Pepperelly®

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