The Vineyards at Hershey

The Vineyard at Hershey logoThe Cornerstone Culinary Kitchen will be teaming up with The Vineyards at Hershey for future Wine and Dinner Pairings. We recently did this for our class on January 16th and it was a huge success. Postings for future classes will be listed on our Culinary Schedule Page in the very near future.

With this new partnership, we also ask that when you vote in Harrisburg Magazine‘s Simply the Best poll, please vote for The Vineyard at Hershey in the sub-category for “PA Wine” under the “Swallow That” category. Of course, we hope you’ll support The Cornerstone Coffeehouse voting in the same poll for the “Best Bakery” (under “Live to Eat”) and “Best Coffeehouse” (under “Swallow That”). We’re extremely proud to have won a “Simply the Best” award for 14 consecutive years and strive to keep this streak going.

You can vote online here between now and April 1st. There is one ballot per person and each ballot must contain votes in at least 30 different categories, so you’ll have the opportunity to vote for plenty of fine local businesses beyond the Cornerstone and the Vineyard at Hershey.

Thanks for your support!