Equal Exchange Coffee Cupping

Equal ExchangeOctober 24th from 6-8 pm, Cornerstone will be teaming up with Equal Exchange, the wonderful roaster from which we get all of our fair trade organic beans. We will be hosting a coffee cupping paired with Cornerstone’s homemade desserts. Andrea Costa, an equal exchange rep, will lead this event, discussing and sampling beans from regions all over the globe – Columbia, Ethiopia & Guatemala among them. To preface the coffee cupping event, Andrea will be showing two interesting short films that will discuss how coffee is grown & harvested.

This exciting event is free to attend, but space is limited! Guests must reserve their spots in advance by stopping in or calling Cornerstone at (717) 737-5026. Read on to learn more about coffee cupping in preparation for this unique opportunity to learn and discuss!

What Is Cupping?

Coffee CuppingCupping is the industry term used for the process of analyzing a coffee based on its sensory qualities – for example, its aromas and flavors. For our cuppings at Equal Exchange, roasted samples of coffee are divided into six different glasses of equal amount and grind size, steeped with hot water (198 to 205 degrees), and slurped (or aspirated) from a spoon for about 35 minutes.

Aspiration is the process of slurping a beverage across the tongue with force, in a way that introduces air into the mouth and sprays the beverage across all parts of the tongue rapidly. If you’ve ever heard or seen a wine expert doing a tasting, this is the same method they use. Aspiration also forces the coffee’s aromatics up from the back of the throat to the olfactory bulb (a part of our brain that sits behind our eyes and is responsible for processing scent). Everything we taste is affected by its aromatics, making flavor and aroma intrinsically linked. Each coffee is graded based on the quality of their aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, acidity, balance, cleanliness and aftertaste.

Call now to reserve your spot for this wonderful experience!