Calm Your Inflamed Muscles and Joints

Calm Inflamed Muscles

Relieving pain is our No. 1 priority. A joint starts aching. You wonder what caused it. You keep moving but the pain intensifies. We’ve all experienced it. We tolerate the discomfort for a long time. We take over-the-counter pain-killers. We suffer.

To help you assess the sources of muscle and joint pain and stiffness, the next Healthy Eating & Living discussion will focus on educating yourself how to regain and maintain painless mobility and flexibility.

“Calm Your Inflamed Muscles and Joints” will offer ways that you can deal with inflammation, which is often the source of discomfort. Ruth Seitz, C.H.C. will present whole foods and various health modalities beyond the pill bottle that she has found useful in dealing with pain. She will lead this topic at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse/Culinary Kitchen, 2133 Market St., Camp Hill on Tuesday, June 3rd from 10:00 to 11:00am.

Gail Walden Coleman, C.H.C. is the presenter for the same topic at Midtown Scholar Bookstore/Stage 2 at 1302 N 3rd St., Harrisburg PA on Wed, June 4 7-8pm. Both events will offer you nutritional, psychological and physical solutions to dealing with both aching and fiery pain. You will also come away with healthy anti-inflammatory recipes.

Elizabeth Terry, founder of Yoga 4 Healthful Living will explain the value of yoga in maintaining muscle strength and joint health. Terry, who offers classes and private sessions, will present briefly at both events.

Monthly Healthy Eating & Living discussions focus on topics that support eating whole unprocessed foods and maintaining an active, balanced lifestyle. “Replacing chemical-ized food products with a nutrient-rich, mostly plant-based food plan changes our cells’ health and our bodies’ performance,” says Seitz. “The latest science indicates that what we eat and how we live, can not only prevent disease but also reverse it.”

Ruth Seitz C.H.C. of Harrisburg, and Gail Walden Coleman, of Mechanicsburg, are graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. They coach individual clients and groups on how to reach their goals for wellness, weight loss and stress reduction. Additionally, they present workshops and lectures on living a healthy, balanced life. Seitz, a nutritarian, focuses on shifting to a whole foods stress-free lifestyle. Coleman, a breast cancer survivor, specializes in an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and stresses the importance of self-care.

Contact Seitz at or (717) 439-7531.
Coleman is available at or 484-888-1234.

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