Fair Trade: Think Before You Buy

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Equal Exchange logo

Our Partnership with Equal Exchange

A few years ago, we decided to incorporate Organic and Fair Trade Coffees into our stock. We made this decision for a few reasons. For starters, our AWESOME customers were demanding it, which is incredible. (This really goes to show that businesses DO respond to customers when they make a demand for something. So keep demanding good things like Fair Trade and Organic products! Fight for the farmers! Ok, I’m done with my little rant.)

Secondly, this partnership with Equal Exchange allows farmers to be paid what they deserve for the back-breaking and laborious work that they do. If you’ve never seen how coffee is harvested, you really should watch this video:

When Equal Exchange came to visit Cornerstone, they showed us this video and my mind was blown. I had NO IDEA what it took to harvest coffee. Equal Exchange cuts out the middle man in the process of exporting coffee. This allows the farmer to make an actual profit. You can see a better description of that process in the picture attached to this blog.
From farmer to coffee cup comparison chart
Finally, it’s delicious. Equal Exchange, puts A LOT of time and effort into making sure that each batch of coffee that is getting sent out tastes consistent and delicious. (My personal faves are Organic Bolivian and Organic Midnight Sun!) The Equal Exchange team actually visits the farms to ensure quality, to make sure the farmers are well-trained and knowledgeable and to make sure they are taken care of.

Seriously, we LOVE Equal Exchange, and firmly believe they are a company worth knowing about and supporting. Check out their website and keep supporting them by purchasing their coffee here at the shop.