Summer Days are Here!

Summer Favorites are Backkkk!!

Summer Drinks

Fresh, hand squeezed lemonade is back and in full swing! Order it classic or try it flavored! We are digging Lavender Lemonade! Iced Teas of the Week are back too! As always, the staples: English Breakfast, Ginger Peach, and Rooibos are being brewed. But each week we are featuring our favorite iced herbals and green teas! *New Favorite* Nitro Brew! Have you tried it yet? Nitrogen infused organic cold brewed iced coffee. Need we say more?

Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Coffee, coffee, coffee. We knowwwww. We’re a coffeehouse. But we are so much more! Stop by with the kiddos or after your dinner date for a scoop of ice cream. (Or make it a double scoop. No judgment!) 🙂


Did you know that one teaspoon of matcha is equal to ten cups of green tea? It’s a powerhouse in terms of antioxidants! Fortunately, it’s also delicous! We serve it hot or iced for these hot summer days!


Dog Friendly

Don’t forget we’ve got our deck and our patios, and we are DOG FRIENDLY. We love them. LOOOOOOVE THEM. And we’ve got dog treats behind the counter, just ask your barista for one!


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