A Variety of Great Music Coming to Cornertstone

2017 MMC at CStone

The 21st Annual Millennium Music Conference & Showcase (MMC) takes place this weekend (February 24-25, 2017) with Cornerstone Coffeehouse hosting two nights of music from talented artists. Over these two nights there will be eight distinct performances by seven artists drawn from talent across the country.

Founded in 1997, the MMC has become the Harrisburg area’s biggest overall music festival held each February. It features music business panels, clinics, and workshops during the day, with the 2017 headquarters at the Best Western Premier Central Hotel & Conference Center on East Park Drive in Harrisburg. During the nights of the festival, some 300 original acts will perform at 30 live music venues and Cornerstone Coffeehouse is proud to be one of those long-running venues involved with the MMC each year.

Here is this year’s lineup at Cornerstone Coffeehouse:

Cyndi Washburn

Nashville, TN
Performing 7:00pm Friday, February 24th

Cyndi WashburnOriginally from Pennsylvania but now based in Nashville, Cyndi is a folk-singer songwriter who studied voice in college and has performed in everything from cover bands to operas before following her heart and soul and focusing solely on folk. Here, she draws influence from classic artists like Peter, Paul, and Mary and John Denver and has been compared to Joni Mitchell and called a “modern day Joan Baez.”

Cyndi Washburn online

Cyndi Washburn on Twitter  Cyndi Washburn on Reverbnation Cyndi Washburn on Facebook
Cyndi Washburn website


New York, NY
Performing 7:45pm Friday, February 24th

GenerationsGenerations is the father and son duo of Mike and Aleksi Glick, both of whom compose and provide guitars and vocals. They label their music progressive urban folk and draw influences from American folk traditions, urban blues, jazz, Afro-Cuban music and more to form an interesting and diverse musical experience.

Genertions online

Generations on Reverbnation Generations on Facebook
Generations website

Jeff Ruby

Nashville ,TN
Performing 8:30pm Friday, February 24th

Jeff RubyJeff Ruby grew up on a farm in rural Indiana where he was introduced by his oldest brother to American and British rock music from the 1960’s. Since he was 6 years old, Jeff has been acting and singing in musicals and choirs, later taking up the guitar in high school. In 2016, he released his fourth album, Battlefield.

Jeff Ruby online

Jeff Ruby on Twitter  Jeff Ruby on Reverbnation Jeff Ruby on Facebook
Jeff Ruby website
Buy Battlefield

Sinclair Soul

Middletown, PA
Performing 9:15pm Friday, February 24th (on guitar)
& 7:00pm Saturday, February 25th (on keyboards)

Ric Albano, Sinclair SoulSinclair Soul is an original music project by composer and performer Ric Albano, who is also the MC and sound provider for the MMC music . A semi-regular performer at Cornerstone, Sinclair Soul will perform two distinct sets, an acoustic guitar set to close out Fridy night’s performances, and a piano/keyboard set to get things started on Saturday.

Sinclair Soul online

Sinclair Soul on Twitter  Sinclair Soul on Reverbnation Sinclair Soul on Facebook
Sinclair Soul website

Kayla C.

Monroe, NY
Performing 7:45pm Saturday, February 25th

Kayla CKayla Katelyn Cariaga, known as Kayla C, fell in love with music at a very young age, has been deeply involved in every aspect of musically affiliated opportunities and plays several instruments including the guitar, piano, xylophone, and drums. Kayla’s process of creating music is driven by her surroundings and feelings; she draws inspiration from her art. She enjoys using forms of art as an outlet to turn any sorrow to joy.

Kayla Cariaga online

Kayla C on Twitter  Kayla C on Reverbnation Kayla C on Facebook
Kayla Cariaga website

Kayla Avitabile

Phillipsburg, NJ
Performing 8:30pm Saturday, February 25th

Kayla AvitableKayla Avitabile started playing guitar at age 8, started singing at 11 and she started performing at age 12. In the five years since, Kayla has played dozens of music festivals and conferences. Kayla’s music sensibility and instinct drives the way she writes original songs and transforms alternative/rock covers into inspired reinterpretations which have earned praise from artists and audiences alike.

Kayla Avitabile online

Kayla C on Facebook

Spencer and Sequoia

Stamford, CT
Performing 9:15pm Saturday, February 25th

Spencer and SequoiaSpencer and Sequoia started by sending music to each other from across the world before finally meeting, gelling and marrying and forging a “beautiful band”. Spencer is a vocalist, guitarist, and trumpet player originally from Seattle while Sequoia is a diverse songwriter originally from Auckland, New Zealand.

Spencer and Sequoia online

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Millennium Music Conference online

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