David Thompson

Below is a bio of photographer David Thompson, Cornerstone’s artist of the month for June 2019.

David Thompson display

Photography has been a passion of mine for nearly 40 years and began when I first stepped into my high school darkroom. I was fascinated by the process of exposing a piece of photographic paper, slipping it into a tray of developer, and watching an image appear. It wasn’t long before I had purchased my first SLR and 5 rolls of Kodachrome 64.

As with many young photographers, I initially found myself trying to duplicate iconic images of imposing landscapes, stunning sunsets, flowers, and cityscapes cloaked in fog. Capturing these images on film in the “pre-digital” era was considerably more challenging than it is today with digital sensors, image stabilizers, and built-in autofocus. Despite years of trying to perfect “the big picture”, I accepted the fact that I just wasn’t very good at it and instead, became more intrigued with pieces of landscapes, unique perspectives, and capturing what many photographers often overlook.

In recent years my focus has shifted to urban and street photography. Photographing urban landscapes and capturing everyday life in the faces of people going about their daily routines created a result that was static reminder of an ever-changing world. The uniqueness of each image is what I find most appealing.

Leica photographers such as Henry Cartier Bresson, Diane Arbus, André Kertész, Vivian Maier, Thurston Hopkins, Rui Palha, and the singer, Lenny Kravitz, continue to provide a never ending source of inspiration…though my images pale in comparison.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

David Thompson lives in Camp Hill with his wife Rose Eskin and children Julia and Jack…and dogs Katy, Maisey and Milo. All images were taken on a Leica M240.


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