John Petersen

Cornerstone’s Artist of the Month for May 2021.

Here is a recent Q&A with John Petersen –

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

I am an engineer by trade and currently work in Information Technology field. I got started in pen and ink abstract drawing in the 1990s. I have some early work in colored pencils , as well, but most of my drawings are pen and ink on vellum paper.

What do you like most about your medium?

There are no mistakes [stray pen marks – they just get incorporated into the work 🙂 ] I never know what a piece will look like when I start and every one is always a surprise because I can always find something I didn’t see in it the last time I looked at it.

Who or what have been your artistic inspirations?
My sisters. Michelangelo, DaVinci, VanGogh, Dali. Ordered chaos of nature.

Do you have a favorite piece in your portfolio?

What would be your advice to artists just starting out in your medium?
Not sure I’m qualified to give anyone art advice 🙂 If I were to suggest anything it is this – let your world and your pen be your guide.


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