Kaiti Pates

Kaiti Pates works

Kaiti Pates is a local artist from Hershey, PA. She graduated from Hershey Christian School and has been attending HACC for their photography program. As of now, Kaiti resides in Harrisburg and currently working as a barista at Cornerstone Coffeehouse. In the spring, however, she will be moving onward to Oregon. Exploring the depths of nature has been her biggest inspiration and the wild of the West. Whether it’s landscapes or portraits, photography has been her calling of a medium. Capturing the way light hits objects of the wild and showing the public her findings on hikes has developed to be her passion.

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

I started photography and other works of medium early high school. Since then I’ve been continuously learning other variations while growing in my photography. I’ve always believed that other works of art can help build your strongest suit.

How does your medium inform your viewpoint? Or what do you like most about your medium?

What I like most about photography is that no picture can be replicated. The quality of light cannot be mimicked and whatever you’re shooting is a snap shot of life moving around us.

Do you have a favorite piece in your portfolio?

No favorites, I find unique details in everything

What would be your advice for artists just starting out in your medium?

Take as many photos as you can!