Mary Fox

Mary Fox
Originally a Pittsburgh native, who transplanted to Central Pennsylvania in 1978, I am one of those peaceful, happy, content individuals who was raised with two brothers in a quiet, quaint part of the city by our parents, who were also childhood sweethearts.

As a child, as far back as I can remember, I was enamored by photographs and constantly asked my mother to get the plastic bag where she kept the stash of family photographs, which made me ridiculously happy!

I have no formal training other than classes I’ve taken from those much more knowledgeable than I, and retain a constant desire to learn from other photographers. While I have no plans to be a pro, I try to be a good amateur, and have to admit, to my own chagrin, my love of photography sometimes falls into the category of “obsessed,” am my own worst critic, and totally in love (and excited) with the simplicity, elegance and beauty of a photograph. The excitement of a photo shoot doesn’t hurt either

I learned long ago my taste was rather eclectic when it came to design…and have come to realize over the years, “eclectic” seems to be a natural part of my life, whether is it in friends, food, furniture, jobs, opinions, etc. So it only seems natural that my photography is also included…and since my compositions are from my perspective, you will see a diverse selection of subjects. It is my hope you will enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

In addition to photography, I have a love for cross-stitching, designing, writing and a myriad of other interests what would bore you. I consider myself vegan-isn and organic, while indulging and eating all types of food…and prefer that it is easy, good, fast and nourishing, as long as it is appetizing. It is a joke in my family and among friends that I rather despise mashed potatoes…but happen to be a potato chip connoisseur…so much for that!

Living in my warm, cozy, light-filled Camp Hill home is a gift from God….and when you add my rescue Lhasa Apso, Buddy, who has the face of an angel and a disposition to match, life is good.

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

From my earliest memories, Photographs have always seemed a part of my life, and I was always asking my mom to “get out the pictures.” There was no significant event in my life that steered me in this direction that I can think of…it has simply always been there.

How does your medium inform your viewpoint? Or what do you like most about your medium?

Mary Fox artI love creativity in any form. For some reason, Photography has always been a memory maker for me, without consciously knowing I was creating a pathway to the past. Many times I have taken a photo for the color, texture, or basic interest, only to find on reviewing my photos while post-processing them, there are aspects I hadn’t noticed while taking the photo. Sometimes, a person will be peeking at me taking the photo; an unexpected colorful addition, or a very poignant expression from someone/something other than my intended subject…photography can be spontaneous, or a carefully crafted moment that I sit waiting to happen…or a heartfelt moment with family, friends or strangers. Photography is a venue that instills the desire to be observant, kind and, hopefully, creative.

Who or what have been your artistic inspirations?

There is no one person, but many photography friends and sporadic classes on various aspects of photography and post-processing. Since joining my first photography club, The West Shore Photography Club, I have learned more than I thought possible. The constant exchange of information has been invaluable and constantly leads like stepping stones to more information and individuals, from whom I constantly learn. The more knowledge I acquire makes me acutely aware I have so much more to learn….

Do you have a favorite piece in your portfolio?

My ‘favorite’ pieces keep changing….but currently there is a photo of letters, postcards, emblems my father sent home to his parents, my mother, and various relatives, from his time overseas during World War II.

What would be your advice to artists just starting out in your medium?

Always try to learn something new. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because it happens to us all. It is nice to have a constructive critique, and try changes suggested, but the final image should be what you love. Most importantly, be in competition with, and true to, yourself. If you love a photo, be comfortable with your feelings. You are taking the photo, and are the final word for your art. This can be a struggle, but once you have acquired this feat…and yep, you may struggle a bit, but you’ll be able to discern what is important to you.


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