Susan K. Getty

Susan is a freelance artist and writer who loves exploring the world and responding to it through poems and pictures. Her art has been on exhibit in Harrisburg and the surrounding area for the past 20 years. In January 2016 she established her studio as an official business — Stony Run Art Studio.

Susan Getty display

She is a graduate of the studio art program at Messiah College and a lifelong learner. She considers herself a pilgrim in art (as well as in life). Most of her work begins as experimentation with materials, colors, images, and ideas. When encouraging one of her painting students, Susan often quotes her first painting professor, saying, “If you know what a painting is going to look like before you begin, what’s the point of painting it?”

The artist lives in Dillsburg with her husband, Bob, and her coon dog, Stella. They have two adult sons who sometimes hang out with them in the studio.

You can see more of her work at

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