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January Drink Specials

Smells Like Toffee Syrup

latte sweetened with English toffee torani and topped with cinnamon

Red Hot Chili Mocha

mocha with a little bit of chili powder added for spice

Sir Mix A Latte

beet latte made with, maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger and almond milk

Semi Charmed Life

vanilla frappe blended with cinnamon toast crunch cereal and topped with whipped cream

Livin La Vida Lavender

chai sweetened with lavender torani

Gingerbread Mocha

mocha sweetened with gingerbread syrup and topped with chocolate whipped cream

Peppermint Mocha

mocha sweetened with peppermint syrup and topped with whipped cream

Hot Drinks
* Also Available Iced

Brewed Coffee
Loose Leaf Tea
Cafe Latte *
Mocha *
Chai Latte *
Hot Chocolate
Cafe Au Lait
Tea Latte
Hot Apple Cider (Seasonal)

* Also available Iced

Italian Macchiato
double espresso with dollop of foamed milk
Red Eye
fresh-brewed coffee with espresso
Americano *
Cortado (4oz)

Cornerstone Signatures
* Also available Iced

Caramel Lover’s Latte *
Ivory Mocha *
Honey Vanilla Latte *
Cornerstone Cappuccino


Frappe Latte
Vanilla Frappe (caffeine free)
Ghiradelli Chocolate Frappe
Caramel Lovers’ Frappe

Cold Drinks

Iced Tea
Cold Brew Iced Coffee
Italian Soda
Italian Cream Soda
Fresh Fruit Smoothies
Blueberry, Strawberry, Peach, Mango
Kale Smoothie
Kale, Mango, Banana, Almond Milk
Immune Booster

Ice Cream
Available in a dish, sugar or cake cone

Kid’s Scoop
Single Scoop
Double Scoop
Espresso Milkshake

We also carry Counterpart Kombucha! We serve a selection of 4 rotating flavors.