July Artists

For our July 2016 artists of the month, we have two Cornerstone baristas with great artistic talent, Dareena Visoury and Liatra Myers.

Dareena And Liatra

Here is our Q&A with the the July Artists.

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

Dareena: Expression in the form of art of all mediums has always been a passion of mine. It’s what I love to do, it’s a good outlet, and sometimes I make money from it.

Liatra: I’ve always been interested in art and illustration flourished into a passion from a hobby for me. I’ve found that illustration comes naturally to me and I like improving my skill.

How Does Your Medium Inform Your Viewpoint?

Dareena: My favorite is blackwork and stippling. I enjoy clean and minimalistic styles of art, and whatever way gets the image from inside my head onto paper the fastest.

Liatra: What I like most about working with ink and illustration is the freedom to make a piece eloquent in its simplicity or intricate with detail. I would say that I have multiple illustration styles and ink offers the freedom to work in those multiple styles with ease and precision.

Who or What Have Been Your Artistic Inspirations?

Dareena: Whatever’s clever! Most of my drawings are hidden puns and somewhat thought provoking.

Liatra: My favorite artistic inspirations are my Gammy, Patricia Lance, who has taught me about art and encouraged my passion since I could fingerpaint and create with play-doh. Some of my favorite artists are Andrew Wyeth, Jeff Koons, and Gustav Klimt.

Do You Have a Favorite Piece in Your Portfolio?

Dareena: My favorite pieces are my zines which are handmade collections of multiple drawings in the form of a book.

Liatra: My favorite piece is my Amelie rendition.

What Would be Your Advice to Artists Just Starting Out in Your Medium?

Dareena: Do whatever feels right. Don’t try to be good or better at something you don’t actually enjoy but THINK you should. I learned acrylic, charcoal, pencil, wire sculpture, clay pottery, and many more things until I realized I like drawing with Sharpie.

Liatra: My advice would be that building skill takes time. I look back at my old work that I remember thinking was excellent at the time, but then realize how much I’ve improved over the years. Just because you have a natural talent with art doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for improvement and if you invest time into honing your skill, it shows in your work. Always practice. Always strive to improve.