Saving or Losing the Future? Doug Morris Climate Salon Preview

Join us June 23rd from 4:30-6 pm for a discussion about catastrophic global climate change and the economic engine that’s driving us over a cliff.

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Later this month, Cornerstone will welcome our good friend, Dr. Doug Morris, who will lead a discussion about looming environmental concerns and how we must combat them from the ground up.

Morris’ talk, which he will call “Climate Chaos & Catastrophe: Myths, Lessons, Realities,” will begin with an information session on the scientific community’s latest climate predictions. One of the worst case scenarios, calculated by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, currently predicts a 7-degree Celsius rise in Earth’s average surface temperature. This dramatic increase in temperature could leave only ten percent of the human population able to survive; nevertheless, some have called the prediction “far too optimistic.”

Morris’ talk will move on to discuss the engine driving this climate catastrophe – that is, the “exploitative, abusive and destructive global economic system” that has led humanity to the edge of the cliff. He will then bring up alternatives to the current system. Morris says:


Every new scientific report seems to indicate that the only way humanity can live in harmony with nature is to … replace [the current system] with a system of social, cultural, economic and political production and distribution that is not driven by profit-maximization and the expansion of market-share but by respect for the rights and dignity of humanity and nature.”

How could we begin to achieve this urgent demand? Is it possible – or desirable? Please join us June 23 from 4:30 to 6 pm to discuss.

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Doug Morris

Doug Morris teaches critical literacy and critical pedagogy at Eastern New Mexico University.  He earned his Ph.D. in Language and Literacy Studies at Penn State, where he studied under Henry Giroux and Patrick Shannon.

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