David Mark

Rediscovering a passion…

In 2013, after competing at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, David Mark‘s electric blues band decided to part ways due to logistical challenges. However, it was a positive turning point for David as he began his official journey in sobriety and as a full time acoustic guitar player.

David Mark

For over 20 years, he continue to hear the same compliment, “you have your own sound, its creative, awesome and unique.” His appreciation for blues, jazz, fingerstyle, funk, psychedelic and rock blends itself into a pure form of artistic bliss and he had the opportunity to explore this creative approach with his former duo bandmate before he relocated to Lancaster, PA.

After a brief five year hiatus, David is back with a new approach to performing as his attention is focused on creating more original acoustic instrumentals that blend all of the genres mentioned above with the occasional cover-tune. Come experience a show…you won’t be disappointed.

“The best feeling is watching a stranger sway to the groove of your music.” …DM

90% of David’s set list includes originals along with select cover tunes:

  • “You know I’m No Good” – Amy Winehouse/li>
  • “Bertha” – Grateful Dead
  • “What’s Going On” – Marvin Gaye
  • “Root 66” – Nat King Cole
  • “Baby I Love You” – Aretha Franklin
  • “Chevrolet” – Taj Mahal
  • “Woman Be Wise” – Sippie Wallace
  • “U.S. Blues” – Grateful Dead

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Check out the Cornerstone music schedule for upcoming shows by David Mark.


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