Shelba Purtle

Shelba PurtleA unique musician in the Cornerstone lineup, Shelba Purtle performs “hang music to soothe your soul”. An accomplished percussionist, Shelba first discovered a “hang” (pronounced hung) in 2008 and she was drawn to its soothing hypnotic sound which mixes melody and rhythm. Shelba has since composed and recorded two albums of original music.

Each of these handpan instruments are custom made by hand, giving each performer a distinct musical sound. Shelba’s first and second handpans were made in Switzerland, with later additional instruments built in Nevada and Brazil. The handpan looks like a small space ship. Microphones and amplifiers do not faithfully convey the resonance of its tone as the sound travels outward from the instrument. Playing a handpan is like a dance played with your fingers on tempered steel held together with a ribbon of brass. It is not the musical norm, but it is truly enticing!

Check out the Cornerstone music schedule for upcoming shows by Shelba Purtle.


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