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Have you ever wondered about all the methods there are to brewing a cup of coffee? There’s regular ol’ coffee makers, there’s French Presses, percolators, Aeropresses and so on and so forth. But in my personal opinion, nothing beats a good Pour Over coffee.

Here are the “perks” of a pour over!

  1. Easy clean up.
  2. Very minimalist design.
  3. Cheaper than electric coffee makers.
  4. Control the outcome of what your coffee tastes like.
  5. It’s delicious!

Here at Cornerstone, we actually have some hand-crafted cone shaped drippers that work wonderfully for a pour over. Here’s the basics:

  1. Pick the type of coffee you’d like.
  2. Have your wonderful barista grind the coffee on a “Fine” setting, or grind at home if you prefer.
  3. Put any sugar and/or cream directly into mug.
  4. Place cone on top of mug.
  5. Place a filter into the cone.
  6. Add one tbsp of grounds per one cup of coffee. (Remember, most mugs hold 2 cups)
  7. Pour enough hot water to wet all the grounds.
  8. Wait 30 seconds. Then slowly and steadily pour the rest of the water to fill your mug.
  9. Clean up and enjoy! Or vice versa, whatever you’re in the mood for!

Those are the basics, and you can always adjust the process to suit your needs. Remember, this is YOUR cup of coffee and you can enjoy it however you want!

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