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Kari Dandrea began blending her own herbs and teas together as a natural alternative to relieving common ailments. As a certified yoga teacher, she embraces the concept of balance in her approach towards health and nutrition and found herself in pursuit of a fresh, pure cup of tea. After many nights of sipping and brainstorming over the freshest, purest ingredients, eight blended teas were born along with the company name: Pureblend.

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Kari began sharing these blends friends and neighbors, to an overwhelming positive response. Soon, she began selling Pureblend at growers markets and select shops near her hometown of West Chester, PA. In 2013, she opened a magical Tea Bar in the Lancaster Central Market and now we offer this tea at Cornerstone Coffeehouse. As you sip these fine teas please enjoy and spread the word; your referral is the greatest compliment.



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