Should I Do Dairy?

by Ruth Seitz

Dairy foodsMilk has always been a family favorite. My maternal grandfather, Chester M. Weaver, owned a dairy in East Earl Township of Lancaster County. He and his family “peddled milk”…even chocolate milk…by horse and wagon and then truck, throughout the community. It all stopped when the Government required pasteurization. The glass quart jars with the Weaver Dairy imprint are valued family memorabilia.

Milking a dairy herd and selling raw milk for processing continued in our family. At least 10 of my uncles were dairy farmers. I can still see the layer of cream that rose to the top of the gallon milk jars that we brought from their farms to our town home. Until I went away to college I drank that raw milk from pastured cows, milk free of additives, pesticides and hormones.

Now some health professionals are questioning the practice of drinking the milk of a different mammal, a food intended for newborn calves. They caution against taking in casein, milk protein, noting its potential as a carcinogen. Yet the FDA-recommended Food Pyramid and now Plate have touted milk products such as cheese.

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Ruth Seitz is a health coach who has a Healthy Eating & Living discussion on the first Tuesday of each month at Cornerstone Coffeehouse.

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