Tea Homebrew Ideas

Unique and flavorful tea blends

Herbal TeaThe most delicious tea blends that people can make aren’t available in store shelves. While pure teas such as Green and Oolong taste fine, most of the blended teas available in stores, like Ginger Honey Tea or Anise Rooibos Tea, taste artificial for some reason. It could be due to the drying process used, or the preservatives added to the mix, but you can never be sure, and the truth is, in order to get a delicious tea mix, it’s best to blend your own.

With just a little creativity and some well-known flavors, you can create tasty tea blends at home. You can use pure teas that are available in stores as your base flavor, and add in fresh ingredients like raspberry juice or flower petals as taste enhancers. Here are a few ideas from Straight from the Farm a website that specializes in making brewed herbal teas:

Floral Fantasy Tea
3 parts Lavender
3 parts Yarrow
1 part Chamomile
1 part Stevia

Dark Rose Tea
2 parts Rose Hips
3 parts Anise Hyssop
3 parts Yarrow
1 part Bergamot

Aromatic Mint Tea
2 parts Spearmint
1 part Marjoram
1 part Sweet Woodruff
1 part Sage

For more tea blend ideas, you can check out Wellness Mama. Or if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, you can try making your own, original blends without the help of a guide! Remember, just go with the flavors that you recognize, and with flavors that you know will go together nicely.

Making random tea mixes using BINGO

Making your own tea mixes is fun, but if you’re having a hard time thinking about what flavors to pair up, try blending drinks with this simple bingo game. To begin, just print a bingo card from Bingo Baker. Then, cut out square pieces from at least 2 sheets of paper and write ingredients that are commonly used in making tea on each piece. For example, you may write green tea, orange peelings, honey, ginger, or anise on the square pieces. Once you’re done, fold and place them inside a container. Begin the game by drawing five, random sheets. Then, whatever you’ve pulled out, you have to make a tea mix out of that. Remember to write each ingredient under the letters B, I, N, G, and O to keep track of your tea mixes.

In the future, once your bingo card gets filled with ingredients, you may mix the ingredients you’ve previously drawn and match them with the other ingredients in a vertical or diagonal pattern. By doing this, you will be able to taste different tea blends and learn which mixes taste best. Who knows? By constantly using bingo as a tool to create delicious tea blends, the divine beings of bubblebonusbingo.com may bless you with their original tea nectar recipe – a drink that’s only given to the most worthy of mortals!

But hey, joking aside, making fresh tea drinks that taste good and original is a very satisfying feat so try and make your own blend today!


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