Thanksgiving 2020

Order Ahead for Thanksgiving

We are focused on SIDE DISHES and SNACKS for the big day! (We don’t want to mess with Grandma’s Turkey, ya know?)

  • Pumpkin Pie (serves 10-12)
  • Apple Pie (serves 10-12)
  • Pumpkin Roll (serves 12-14)
  • Quiche #1 – Butternut Squash, Bacon & Cheddar (serves 8-10)
  • Quiche #2 – Roasted Veggies with Parmesan & Herbs (serves 8-10)
  • Deed’s Cheesy Potato Casserole (serves 4, see note from Sue below)
  • Corn Bread Pudding (serves 4, see note from Sue below)
  • Family Sized Mac & Cheese (serves 4)
  • Soup #1- Pumpkin Bisque (16oz pint or 32oz quart), vegetarian and gluten-free
  • Soup #2- Butternut Squash (pint or quart), vegetarian and gluten-free
  • Soup #3- Turkey, Cranberry & Sherry Wine (pint or quart)

Deed’s Cheesy Potato Casserole

You might be asking…what the heck is Deed’s Cheesy Potato Casserole??? Good question. Delicious, that’s what it is. Deed’s is my SISTER! In honor of Thanksgiving being the ultimate family-gathering holiday, I thought I would let the spirit of family enter Cornerstone through one of my favorite family recipes. So… it’s a comfort food classic casserole made of hash browns, cheddar cheese, sour cream, the perfect amount of salt and pepper topped with corn flakes!

Corn Bread Pudding

And Corn Bread Pudding? That’s a recipe from a dear friend, Sheri. Throughout the pandemic, she has paid me a visit almost weekly just to check in and see how I’m doing. To honor our friendship and the spirit of the season, I wanted to make a recipe she was so excited to share with me – Corn Bread Pudding.


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