“Trust Your Inner Cook” a Big Success

By Andrea Minick Rudolph

Trust Your Inner Cook ClassThe Cornerstone Coffeehouse is a hub of activity and I am thrilled to have my Zendo upstairs in the same building, in Suite 220! Owners, Sue and Al Pera, are lovely, kind people and have encouraged me in many ways.

I am extremely fortunate I can give cooking classes in Cornerstone’s Culinary Kitchen. My most recent class on November 16th, “Trust Your Inner Cook” was a big success!! Twenty five people came to learn the art of putting ingredients together without a recipe: They enjoyed fennel, radicchio, and arugula salad with orange slices and pine nuts, shrimp scampi, and gingerbread cake with fresh raspberries and whipped cream. Many thanks to all of you for being there!

Stay tuned for the next in The Meditative Cook series!

Andrea Minick Rudolph is the owner of Oryoki Zendo

Lou Thieblemont Wins S.A.G.E. Award

Lou Thieblemont Wins Sage AwardLou Thieblemont is the former mayor of Camp Hill, PA and a regular at the Cornerstone Coffeehouse. He is now also a 2012 S.A.G.E. award winner for his work in the community.

Lou Thieblemont’s life story begins in New York City, where he was born and raised. He took flying lessons, did computerized flight planning for Air France and got hired to fly TWA planes. Jump ahead to the 1990s – he’s living in Camp Hill, flying for American Airlines, volunteering for the former Museum of Scientific Discovery in Harrisburg, offering small-plane rides as fundraisers for the Perry County Council of the Arts and volunteering as webmaster for the Camp Hill Police Department. Then, he says, “Subsequently, I became mayor of Camp Hill.”

Back up there. You don’t just wake up one day and become a mayor.

“Actually, it was pretty much like that,” he responds. It was an outgrowth of his work with the police department. “I really, really believe in volunteerism. It’s a very American thing. It’s a very wonderful thing that happens a lot in a democracy, that you can get involved and do things, and you do it for free.”

Read more about Lou at Harrisburg Magazine

Panini, Anyone?

As we all prepare for (and brace for?) the upcoming holiday season, the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas might seem to overshadow one of our favorite holidays around here, and we’re here to tell you about it: National Sandwich Day!

That’s right, it’s the day we honor the moment the thought occurred to someone to put something delicious between two slices of bread. It’s the day we remember John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich and the man we credit with this brilliant realization. John Montagu was an 18th century nobleman who held various military and political offices throughout his career, but when it comes to what he’s most remembered for, claims vary. One account suggests that during a time when he was supremely busy, Montagu invented the method of efficient eating to sustain himself during long work hours. The more exciting story claims he didn’t want to take the time for a meal during long periods at the gambling table – and requested his meat between bread to keep the game going. Thus his friends began to order the “Sandwich special.”

Whichever is true, we’re glad that the sandwich exists today. What’s lunch without a sandwich? What would childhood have been like without the PB & J? What would tomato soup be without it’s soulmate, the grilled cheese?

So how can you celebrate this sacred holiday? How about a little of this:


And a little of this?



Now that your stomach is grumbling, we have the solution. Come by the shop for our scrumptious sandwiches or paninis, lovingly made just for you! We know you could celebrate privately, but who likes to be alone on a holiday? Come on in! And tell us – what’s your favorite sandwich?




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