Diana Jo Hoffman

Diana Jo Hoffman
Here is a profile of abstract artist Diana Jo Hoffman, Cornerstone’s artist of the month for July 2018.

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

My name is Diana Jo Hoffman and I am an abstract artist based in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Since 2015, I have been creating abstract works of art that are inspired by music—building layers of color and line to capture the rhythym, tone, and lyricism of my imagination. In 2017, I earned a B.A. in art and art history from Lebanon Valley College.

How does your medium inform your viewpoint? Or what do you like most about your medium?

When I work on visual music paintings it feels like nothing exists but me, the music I am listening to, and the painting that I am creating. I feel free. I have often said that when I listen to music while painting, my hand becomes detached and develops a mind of its own as I get lost in the process of creating a work of art. By revealing the interaction between music and abstract art, I want to create an enjoyable and inspiring experience for the viewer.

While I favor working with oils and acrylic paints, I enjoy working in all types of mediums. My work can also reflect the way certain songs make me feel while painting.

Who or what have been your artistic inspirations?

I am inspired musically by Broadway songs, and visually by Arthur Dove and Georgia O’Keeffe. These influences are my starting point, as I allow each painting to become what it wants to become.

Do you have a favorite piece in your portfolio?

No. There are a couple of works that hold significant meaning for me, such as the first work I created titled I Never Imagined Such Wonder, 2015.

What would be your advice to artists just starting out in your medium?

Create. Explore. Art is an ever-evolving process. There are no mistakes in art. Just enjoy. Don’t overthink or try to overwork a creation. Have fun.


Mary Fox

Mary Fox
Originally a Pittsburgh native, who transplanted to Central Pennsylvania in 1978, I am one of those peaceful, happy, content individuals who was raised with two brothers in a quiet, quaint part of the city by our parents, who were also childhood sweethearts.

As a child, as far back as I can remember, I was enamored by photographs and constantly asked my mother to get the plastic bag where she kept the stash of family photographs, which made me ridiculously happy!

I have no formal training other than classes I’ve taken from those much more knowledgeable than I, and retain a constant desire to learn from other photographers. While I have no plans to be a pro, I try to be a good amateur, and have to admit, to my own chagrin, my love of photography sometimes falls into the category of “obsessed,” am my own worst critic, and totally in love (and excited) with the simplicity, elegance and beauty of a photograph. The excitement of a photo shoot doesn’t hurt either

I learned long ago my taste was rather eclectic when it came to design…and have come to realize over the years, “eclectic” seems to be a natural part of my life, whether is it in friends, food, furniture, jobs, opinions, etc. So it only seems natural that my photography is also included…and since my compositions are from my perspective, you will see a diverse selection of subjects. It is my hope you will enjoy viewing my work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

In addition to photography, I have a love for cross-stitching, designing, writing and a myriad of other interests what would bore you. I consider myself vegan-isn and organic, while indulging and eating all types of food…and prefer that it is easy, good, fast and nourishing, as long as it is appetizing. It is a joke in my family and among friends that I rather despise mashed potatoes…but happen to be a potato chip connoisseur…so much for that!

Living in my warm, cozy, light-filled Camp Hill home is a gift from God….and when you add my rescue Lhasa Apso, Buddy, who has the face of an angel and a disposition to match, life is good.

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

From my earliest memories, Photographs have always seemed a part of my life, and I was always asking my mom to “get out the pictures.” There was no significant event in my life that steered me in this direction that I can think of…it has simply always been there.

How does your medium inform your viewpoint? Or what do you like most about your medium?

Mary Fox artI love creativity in any form. For some reason, Photography has always been a memory maker for me, without consciously knowing I was creating a pathway to the past. Many times I have taken a photo for the color, texture, or basic interest, only to find on reviewing my photos while post-processing them, there are aspects I hadn’t noticed while taking the photo. Sometimes, a person will be peeking at me taking the photo; an unexpected colorful addition, or a very poignant expression from someone/something other than my intended subject…photography can be spontaneous, or a carefully crafted moment that I sit waiting to happen…or a heartfelt moment with family, friends or strangers. Photography is a venue that instills the desire to be observant, kind and, hopefully, creative.

Who or what have been your artistic inspirations?

There is no one person, but many photography friends and sporadic classes on various aspects of photography and post-processing. Since joining my first photography club, The West Shore Photography Club, I have learned more than I thought possible. The constant exchange of information has been invaluable and constantly leads like stepping stones to more information and individuals, from whom I constantly learn. The more knowledge I acquire makes me acutely aware I have so much more to learn….

Do you have a favorite piece in your portfolio?

My ‘favorite’ pieces keep changing….but currently there is a photo of letters, postcards, emblems my father sent home to his parents, my mother, and various relatives, from his time overseas during World War II.

What would be your advice to artists just starting out in your medium?

Always try to learn something new. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, because it happens to us all. It is nice to have a constructive critique, and try changes suggested, but the final image should be what you love. Most importantly, be in competition with, and true to, yourself. If you love a photo, be comfortable with your feelings. You are taking the photo, and are the final word for your art. This can be a struggle, but once you have acquired this feat…and yep, you may struggle a bit, but you’ll be able to discern what is important to you.


Mary’s Portfolio at


Camp Hill Student Artists

Camp Hill student art

We have something special for our May 2018 monthly artist series as we profile local student artists from Camp Hill High School.

Heather Taylor

Senior, Camp Hill High School

As I get closer to concluding senior year, I have come to a realization that my favorite media for art is photography. I love photography, and getting up close to various object to view things through a different perspective. I went to Niagara Falls in the summer and took pictures of nature from new perspectives. The picture of the rainbow, I used the panorama feature. I got up close to a leaf, or under a flower, or even through a spider web. The details in nature is awe inspiring! All of the photos that I take are on my iPhone 7.

I feel like when it comes to photography it allows me to feel like I have more freedom, because I could honestly use anything as my focus and make it look different by moving in various ways.

My background with art is taking elective art coarse to expand my interests, and I got started with the medium of photography back in 9th grade, when we were told to take pictures for an assignment. And ever since then, I have loved to take pictures more and more.
Photography helps inform that my viewpoint is unique to my style. I find that what I like the most about photography is that I am able to use anything as inspiration.

I think that reflections in water or any form of liquid is my artistic inspiration. I don’t really know what it is about reflection and water, but all I know is that it really intrigues me.

My favorite piece in my portfolio is called, “Minty Mango Mama”, it is the photo with the two drinks with my mother in the background. This piece is my favorite because I like the depth and the angle.

Heather Taylor art

The advice I would give to anyone just starting out with photography is that not every photo will be perfect. Also, don’t be afraid to get in weird positions, because by getting in different positions it allows the object to be displayed through different perspectives.

If you would like to purchase any of the pieces, please contact one of the two below.

Jay & Annette Taylor

April Tichenor

Audrey Hans

Senior, Camp Hill High School

Audrey Hans artIn my ninth grade course selection, sitting in the counseling center a week before school started, I remembered my previous art teacher’s message in my yearbook: “Remember to keep taking art classes! ~Miss Hilburn” I remembered my first art classes, piecing together ripped chunks of paper into mosaics and copying famous works of art into horrible, warped pencil drawings. I remembered folders upon folders of homemade paper dolls and their outfits, I remembered sidewalk chalk afternoons, I remembered clay pots made from mud at Willow, I remembered printing fish patterns onto t-shirts at The Homeschool Resource Exchange. This is when I gave myself a chance. “I’ll take Art 1,” I said.

Then, I made myself good. I always aimed to be at least as good as all the other kids in my class, in every piece. I was perfectionistic in my art—I did one drawing by fully filling in horizontal sections of the paper from top to bottom. That first year, I made probably only one or two good things, but my teacher believed in me, and I believed her when she said I was good. One of my pieces got into Artistic Expressions, the first show I’d been in besides school-wide shows. I decided to take another year of art.

The years after that were (are) for growth. An artist never stops growing. Trying new techniques, changing perspective, considering other ideas… I make art because it challenges me. Staring at a blank canvas, I don’t know better than anyone else how to fill it. I don’t have a process. Sometimes I know what I plan on doing before I start, other times I begin with no idea where the piece will end. With everything, it is important to accept change and learn from it. Often, the thing that makes a work good is the very mistake that I originally think will ruin it, because when I don’t care about a piece, it’s like starting from square 1: I can take chances because there is nothing to lose.

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

I started getting more serious about art in high school, especially the past 1 or 2 years. More specifically, the concept behind the geometric pieces came from a workshop on pattern that I expanded on in my freetime, and the fluid art came from wanting to try out a technique I’d seen in videos.

How does your medium inform your viewpoint? Or what do you like most about your medium?

In art, the challenge is always to control your medium and make it capture what you want it to. With my geometric and fluid art pieces, I play with control by setting myself a strict grid to follow or altering the paint with additives, making it harder to control exactly.

Who or what have been your artistic inspirations?

Rio Saress, Mark Rothco, Nash Heff, Agnes Martin…

Audrey Hans art

Do you have a favorite piece in your portfolio?

Generally I like the fluid art best because it’s so fun and relaxing to make, but Labyrinth is also one of my favorites from my portfolio.

What would be your advice to artists just starting out in your medium?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and allow yourself to take creative risks sometimes.

Follow Audrey on Instagram or contact Mrs. Tichenor-Holtman for inquiries/to buy a piece!

Joshua Goodyear

Senior, Camp Hill High School

Ever since I was a toddler I have always had a pencil in my hand, doodling ant\ing I could imagine. From there on out creating art has just been second nature to me, and it is something I enjoy to do whenever I feel like it. I have never been specifically talented in one sort of medium for art, but as I got older, I seemed to gravitate towards water color. The idea of it being very real but could be abstract at the same time always fascinated me. I have always been in love with nature, the human mind, and these complex ideas that can be simplified through art. I love how painting landscapes leaves it open to the human brain to interpret the meaning of. The idea of direction and uncertainty in life is something i like to focus on too as many of us are trying to find answers.

Joshua Goodyear art

While there is not a particular artist i have been drawn to, I have always been attracted to intricate landscapes and paintings of nature, along with abstract sculptures and pieces that leave the viewer up to interpret it. I would have to say my favorite piece is the water color of the road in the forest the slowly disappears. I think it’s very synoblic of a life that is unclear and following the road can lead to success, but it also represents the idea that you may go down a path and not know where it could take you.

Joshua Goodyear art

My advice to those wanting to pursue watercolor as a medium would be to not be afraid to mess up. I know a lot of times when during watercolor I have accidently make a brush stroke I didn’t want to but it ended up looking perfect. Watercolor is meant to be messy and abstract so why not have fun with it. While art can be very stressful sometimes, when doing art you should always have a good time and remember that mistakes just make your work a lot cooler and more interesting. There’s no such thing as bad art as long as you try your best.

Jerolyn (Jelli) Fleeger

Senior, Camp Hill High School

Jelli Fleeger artGrowing up, I was exposed to a lot of things that sparked my imagination. Whether it be the “Saturday Morning Cartoons”, or a Classic Disney movie, I had loved anything animated, and I still do. Nowadays though, in addition to watching cartoons and anime, I also create my own worlds and characters from my own thoughts. I have made almost too many character designs, and almost all of my art features these designs in some way.

I had always loved painting and drawing because there are so many different ways of doing it, and none of it is considered wrong. You can have a completely clean style, where everything is a perfect gradient and no lines are out of place, or you can have a messy style, where you use a palette knife rather than a paintbrush, or you can use all flat colors, and make it a more cartoonist style. I’ve found myself to be somewhere in between these. I often have a cartoonist-like style, but with a lot of shading still in the mix. I had often been taking up this style because of my inspirations, which happen to be either other artists that I admire, or from things such as Webcomics or Anime.

So I have a little bit of advice for artists who want to take on this Cartoonist/Anime/Fantasy-like style: Make it all your own. It may resemble something you’ve seen before, but don’t let it stay that way. Drawing with a reference can be useful, but once you do it once with it, draw it again without that reference. As you draw more, you’ll develop your own unique style, and this can be used for all types of this art form. Because in addition to painting, I now also do marker drawings, as well as digital art, and even sculpture (a little bit of everything, really). Expanding your horizons, and seeing what you like really helps, so just keep working on it, and don’t stop drawing/painting/animating, or whatever you do. Just keep going, even if it may be hard. If I had stopped doing art when it got difficult, I would’ve stopped years ago, but I’m glad I didn’t. Just keep at it and you’ll improve in time!

Jelli Fleeger art

I hope to be able to develop my designs further, and continue working in this genre of artwork. I love what I do, and don’t plan on giving it up any time soon, so maybe one day I’ll leave my mark with these creations.

Follow Jelli on Instagram

Natalie Blanton

Senior, Camp Hill High School

When Words Fail, Art Speaks

Making art has always been an important, and consistent part of my high school journey. Regardless of what was going on in other classes, relationships, or outside activities, art class was always looked forward to as a time to relax and refocus. I have always considered myself to be a very creative person, and through the arts I have been able to express myself visually these past 4 years.

Natalie Blanton art

Music is, and will always be my first love. Singing is something that has brought joy and purpose into my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. While singing is not innately a visual art, I find myself using some of the same thought processes in my fine arts classes.

Song lyrics tell a story. When singing, I can use body language and facial expressions to tell my story. When making art I try my best to have the piece speak for itself. . In some cases I use words in my art to help articulate my intentions. Some of my collages have printed words hidden between the images, and other pieces have overlapping redacted poetry.

Natalie Blanton art

My favorite medium to work with is collage. In each of my pieces I include the human body, and more specifically their faces to help communicate the central idea of the piece. The five collages hanging vertically to the left represent the five stages of grief. Each piece is different in color pallete, shape, and size, correlating to each stage. While the five pieces represent a set, the are each unique in their own way.

I find collage very relaxing. Scrolling through and picking out my favorite patterns and images from found magazines is almost therapeutic. Once I’ve finishing extracting the images I get to decide how I will arrange them. Collage is like my own personal puzzle.


Jeannine Comly

Cornerstone’s Artist of the Month for March 2018

Jeannine ComlyJeannine is an artist from Wormleysburg, PA. She says her art has an appeal to heaven.

“It speaks to your spirit and your heart as it reveals what heaven is saying. It sends a message to the masses or to one individual. As you meditate on the painting, Holy Spirit will reveal something to you. Each painting represents what is happening in the spiritual realm and gives light to it. Some paintings will have a personal message and others a message to all who come in contact with it. All my paintings are done in worship to God thru Jesus Christ and inspired by Holy Spirit. I find peace and release peace, love and joy thru my art.”

Below is a Q&A with Jeannine:

Tell us briefly about your background & how you got started in your medium.

The first time I was exposed to the possibility of worship through art I was hooked. it allowed me to release what was bubbling up inside me to be expressed for other to see and experience.

How does your medium inform your viewpoint? Or what do you like most about your medium?

The medium I use allows me to thin them out with water and or use a glaze to manipulate the effect of the layers through the drying time. This will create texture to help create the image and influence it has to the spectator.

Who or what have been your artistic inspirations?

Years ago I was a perfectionist and could not grasp the abstract even though I could appreciate it. I admired loose interpretations and abstract images but had a hard time letting myself loosen up in my painting style. Once I stepped into the arena of worship and let Holy Spirit lead me, I felt like I was free. I had been looking for it all along, just didn’t know how to get to that point. It was when I let the Creator work thru me that I found freedom to express what is happening in the spiritual realm .

Bridging the Gap
Bridging the Gap


Do You Have a Favorite Piece in Your Portfolio?

Currently my favorite piece is the two piece Bridging the Gap. The colors, movement and texture let you feel the change in the atmosphere and draws you in.

What would be your advice to artists just starting out in your medium?

Let yourself go and let God use you. It takes practice and patience. Most of all experiment with the paints, My favorite is the heavy medium. It’s like spreading soft butter on the canvas and can be used to create a transparent wash or thick coat of solid color and dry fairly quickly for thin to normal coats. This allows you to build the layer and multiple colors on the canvas. One of the most treasured tip is to mix your colors on the canvas to give it rich color and contrast.



Millennium Music Conference at Cornerstone Coffeehouse

MMC 2018

The 22nd Annual Millennium Music Conference & Showcase (MMC) will take place during the weekend of February 23-24, 2018 with Cornerstone Coffeehouse hosting two nights of music from talented artists. Over these two nights there will be ten different performances by nine talented artists from across North America.

Founded in 1997, the MMC has become the Harrisburg area’s biggest overall music festival held each February. It features music business panels, clinics, and workshops during the day, with the 2018 headquarters at the Park Inn by Radisson on Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg. During the nights of the festival, some 300 original acts will perform at 30 live music venues around the Harrisburg area. Cornerstone Coffeehouse is proud to be one of those long-running venues involved with the MMC each year.

Here is more on this year’s lineup at Cornerstone Coffeehouse:

Ric Albano of Sinclair Soul

Sinclair Soul

Middletown, PA
Performing at 6:15 PM on Friday and Saturday

Sinclair Soul is an original rock and roll project by producer, composer and arranger Ric Albano, who is once again hosting the MMC at Cornerstone this year. The initial Sinclair Soul album, The Journey, was recorded and released in 2017, with a second album entitled Reflections of Relevance due for release on March 27, 2018.

Sinclair Soul on Twitter    Sinclair Soul on Reverbnation    Sinclair Soul on Facebook
Sinclair Soul website
Buy The Journey 2017 album
Video for the song “Found Love” by Sinclair Soul

Katie Hunter

Katie Hunter

Conshohocken, PA
Performing Friday, Feb. 23rd at 7:00 PM

Katie is a singer/songwriter from the suburban Philadelphia area who began to discover her love of music when she was very young, first singing in the school chorus and church choir. After beginning to study with a vocal coach, she added stage performances to her talents, participating in local high school productions as well as being an active member of the theater society.

Katie Hunter on Reverbnation    Katie Hunter on Facebook
Video for the song “Rockstar” by Katie Hunter

Madison Mueller

Madison Mueller

Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Performing Friday, Feb. 23rd at 7:45 PM

Madison Mueller is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Barrie Ontario who has been playing and studying music and performing since she was 8 years old. Over the past year, Madison has released two studio produced singles which have received plenty of airplay and is looking to having an EP available in the near future.

Madison Mueller on Twitter    Madison Mueller on Reverbnation    Madison Mueller on Facebook    Madison Mueller on Instagram
Madison Mueller website
Buy “Breath of Air” 2017 single
Video for the song “Breath of Air” by Madison Mueller

Alyssa Tess

Alyssa Tess

Midhurst, Ontario
Performing Friday, Feb. 23rd at 8:30 PM

Alyssa Tess is a singer/songwriter from the Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada. She fell in love with performing and songwriting at the young age of 7 and has continued to express herself through her music. Alyssa’s latest EP, Twenty/Twenty was released in October 2017.

Alyssa Tess on Twitter    Alyssa Tess on Reverbnation    Alyssa Tess on Facebook
Alyssa Tess website
Buy Twenty/Twenty 2017 EP
Video for the song “Missing You” by Alyssa Tess

Sebastian Janoski

Sebastian Janoski

Lititz, PA
Performing Friday, Feb. 23rd at 9:15 PM

Sebastian Paul Janoski is a musician, singer, songwriter and actor from Lititz, PA who comes from a musical family and got his start performing on a street corner and playing his guitar and singing for anyone who would listen. His music fuses a blues and pop sound and he frequently uses his talent to benefit various charitable events.

Sebastian Janoski on Twitter    Sebastian Janoski on Reverbnation    Sebastian Janoski on Facebook    Sebastian Janoski on Instagram
Sebastian Janoski website
Buy “Toy” 2017 single
Video of “No Promises/Stay” by Sebastian Janoski

Kayla Avitable

Kayla Avitabile

Phillipsburg, NJ
Performing Saturday, Feb. 24th at 7:00 PM

A singer-songwriter and guitarist who first awed audiences performing the opening set at MegaJam at age 13, Kayla’s music has been described as the brilliant voice of generational angst while her lyrics have been compared to J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye. In 2017, Kayla released her album The Difference Between Fine and Okay.

Kayla Avitabile on Facebook    Kayla Avitabile on Instagram
Kayla Avitabile website
Buy The Difference Between Fine and OK 2017 album
Video of “Awkward and Absent” by Kayla Avitabile

Jase Hackman

Jase Hackman

Nashville, TN
Performing Saturday, Feb. 24th at 7:45 PM

As an artist from Nashville, Jase pours his soul into his music. His says “it’s my lifeblood…You’ll hear my passions, my fears, my questions, my struggles and my joy”. In 2017, Jase released his twelve-song debut album of original music called What’s This Beating.

Jase Hackman on Twitter    Jase Hackman on Reverbnation    Jase Hackman on Facebook    Jase Hackman on Instagram
Jase Hackman website
Buy What’s This Beating 2017 album
Video of “Color & Shape” by Jase Hackman

Ryan Pleckham

Ryan Pleckham

Nashville, TN
Performing Saturday, Feb. 24th at 8:30 PM

Ryan Pleckham is an alternative country/rock artist from Nashville via Grant Park, Illinois. His music is an eclectic blend of alternative, folk, Americana, Country, and even punk as demonstrated on his self-produced 2017 EP Streetlights, on which he played every instrument himself.

Ryan Pleckham on Twitter    Ryan Pleckham on Reverbnation    Ryan Pleckham on Facebook
Ryan Pleckham website
Buy Streetlights 2017 EP
Video of “Last Cigarette” by Ryan Pleckham

Meaghan Farrell

Meaghan Farrell

Nashville, TN
Performing Saturday, Feb. 24th at 9:15 PM

Originally from New York City, Meaghan recently moved to Nashville as she discovered music as a healing power for herself and others. Her debut LP Waitress was released in 2010, followed by the EPs Seeing Clearly Now and East Coast Girl Meaghan’s latest album, Long Shot was released in May 2017.

Meaghan Farrell on Twitter    Meaghan Farrell on Reverbnation    Meaghan Farrell on Facebook
Meaghan Farrell website
Buy Long Shot 2017 album
Video of “Lost in My Life” by Meaghan Farrell



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